Dried Plum Price First Quality

Dried Plum Price

The dried plum price varies in bulk or 500 grams. Types of Barghani plums are produced in the form of sulfur with the so-called smoky according to the allowed standard limit. The following article better describes the prices of different types of Barghani or forest plums. Baraghan Plum in Alborz …

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Dried plum for sale| Looking for dried prunes for sale

Plums taste better when they are fresh and just picked from trees. However, dried plums are also good. The fiber in this fruit which has always been noticed, is in its skin and if it is removed there will be no fiber at all. There are still great things in the fruit itself, though. In the old times plums used to get dry on the trees by sunshine. Nowadays, they are dried artificially to have a similar form. Plums that are picked for drying are riper than those for compote purposes. Dried plum for sale and fresh plum are available in all markets.There are two main kinds of plums which are Japanese plum and European plum or plum for drying. The first type of plums are mostly used as fresh fruit, compote, jam, jelly and other similar purposes. The second type is suitable for drying because there will no need to remove its core for drying. 

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Imported dry plum |types of dry plum at wholesale price

They use plums in a variety of ways, including fresh and dry ones, each with astonishing healing properties. imported dry fruits , Due to different types of plum fruits, there are significant and beneficial medicinal and medicinal properties in each of these delicious and delicious fruits. There are different types …

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Dried plum powder | buy dried plum powder

Dried plum powder

Plums are the fruits that is very famous in Iran & have a lot of benefits. The tree of plums are wild & this fruits are ornamental. This fruit has nutritional value & can eat it raw or use it in some foods as stuffing. There are a lot of …

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