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Dried plum powder | buy dried plum powder

Plums are the fruits that is very famous in Iran & have a lot of benefits. The tree of plums are wild & this fruits are ornamental. This fruit has nutritional value & can eat it raw or use it in some foods as stuffing.

There are a lot of minerals in plum like: Phosphorous, Manganese, Copper, Potassium & magnesium. This fruit is growing in Shahr kheroo. This city is called “the city of gold roof “& it is famous because this city is the capital of plums. In the first time go to the north America but its main place for growing is in Asia & Europe.

Dried plum powder

?What is plum powder

Plums are the special fruits in the summer & use as a fresh fruits, too. Dried plums powder have a lot of benefits & use in desserts & many things. We have two types of plums: black & yellow. They have a lot of ways to dry plums. Some of people use the natural light of the sun. But the other dry plums in their house with oven or macro. Lots of people use fruit dryer machine for drying fruits like plums. We can use plums without shells for drying, too. What is white powder? Most plums are growing on the blooms & it tells you that this plums is nearly to picking up. Drying fruits especially plums is a way to keep fruits & plums longer. This way prevents the actions of microbes.

Dried plum powder

dried plums health benefits

Using dried plums organic are very useful for people who have problems & can’t do their regularly actions in their life. I want to say the healthy benefits of dried plums: people who have indigestion should use dried plums. It is good for digest the food & gastrointestinal adjustment. It is good for diets & loose weights. For beauty of your skin you can use dried plums & it prevents from early getting old. Dried plums is very energetic & provide the energy for mind. It is good for athletics because of the sugar in it. Also the magnesium in dried plums is good for muscles contraction. The dried plums are very good for people who have heart & vascular disease. The dried plums are good for osteoprosis.

Dried plum powder

What is a salty plum?

As I said plums are very useful for people who wants to solve their problems & have healthy life. Also doctors & nutritionists suggest to eat plums & dried plums, too. Plum souses are used salty plums in it. Plum souses are salty & kind of a famous souses. We can use plum souse as a meal or you can eat it with your food. You can match this souse with any foods that you want to eat. In winter many people buy fresh vegetables to produced souses. With souses you can clean your teeth & kill the microbes. But be careful don’t eat them a lot. The souses can prevent from getting cancer. People use fruits & dehydrated for providing souses. This souse can help to digest easily & help the digestive system to do better.

Dried plum powder

Dried Plums and Their Products

I said all the important things about plums & dried plums. It’s time to find the best shops to buy these plums & get healthier & stronger than before. I guide you to the sites where you can buy fresh this sites you can buy dried plums


The price of these dried plums are normal dried fruits. Also you can produced delicious foods with dried plums like: stew of plums, plums compote, jams, cakes, salads.

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