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Dried Plum Price First Quality

The dried plum price varies in bulk or 500 grams. Types of Barghani plums are produced in the form of sulfur with the so-called smoky according to the allowed standard limit. The following article better describes the prices of different types of Barghani or forest plums.

Baraghan Plum in Alborz Province in Iran is one of the most unique types of Iranian plums.

You know that delicious stews can be cooked with black plum. Due to the fact that people have been very fond of this plum for a long time, they dry it in a sunny or acidic way every year.

Where To Buy Fresh Prunes

Many of factories of fruit sorting and wholesalers of fruits follow for Fresh Prunes to buy and import to their countries. If you have this question that where to buy fresh prunes we can show you the bests. In this site we provide Fresh Prunes from Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruit Group; one of the biggest in the world of fruit trading.

So if you want to purchase from our productions you can call us and start. Whole prunes dried in every country packs and export for your order. For example best prunes brand in India is Parsin from Parsfaravar Industrial Business Group

The price Of Dried Black Plums

The price of dried black plums can be inquired from any site today; But there are different types of dried black plums in Iran:

  • Dried black plums
  • Bukhara dried black plums
  • Sunsweet prunes dried black plums

You can inquire about the price of dried black plums in different types from our sales and trade experts. If you are looking for where to buy dried plums we provide you your order delivers on your country.

Dried Plum Price

For example, the latest orders for inquiring about the price of dried black plums in Mashhad have been 18,000 1$ per kilogram.

If prunes are core and dried, they are sold as first-class prunes in global markets. Also, traders who are in close contact with other countries in the plum market can register for the bulk of their orders in the summer so that traders who work directly with farmers can help you sell different types of prunes. This process has become very easy and fast using today’s e-commerce tools.

Black And Red Prunes

The price of black and red dried prunes varies in the city’s dried fruit markets. It is necessary to have a good inventory of tasty and sweet plums, to use different types of Bukhara plums, green tomatoes, etc. In the spring of 1998, the price of dried plum and forest plums from the floor is 0.97 $ to 1 $ .

The prices of stewed plums are offered in smoked and sunny types. Bukhara plum is one of the best-selling types of dried stewed plums. Dried Plum Price is for you to buy in bulk mount.

Types of official and excellent Bukhara plums produced by Parsfaravar can be offered in carton and export packaging. In addition, we introduce other types of stewed plums:

  • Haj Hasani plums
  • Torqabeh Plums
  • Sunny Plums
  • California Plums
  • Shoghani Plums
  • Baraghani Plums

Do you know the price of Bukhara plums in Iran’s market? In Parsfaravar, we announce the delivery of Bukhara Neyshabour plums to customers in Tehran at a wholesale price. You can also see this article about this issue The Best Bulk Bukhara Dried Prunes For Sale Of Iran’s Neyshabour Parsfaravar Company

Price Of Prunes Export Market To Europe

The price of prunes varies in the export market or the domestic market. The export of prunes to European countries is as follows:

  • Armenia
  • Serbia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

You can inquire about the latest dried plum price and Bukhara plums from the specialized plum center of Iran. Bukhara plums are sold wholesale at reasonable prices throughout the country and other countries. Buy Bukhara plums online can also be easily done through our websites.

You can get the price list of dried plums and all kinds of stewed plums in connection with sales and trade experts.

Dried Plum Price

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