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Best Dried Plums Price In India | Parsfaravar Aloo Bukhara

Many people like to know about plums and its benefits. You can have the best dried plums price in India. In this case we introduce you Parsfaravar aloo bukhara; one of the best dried fruits in Asia.

Plum Fruit Price In Bangalore

Many Indian people lives in Bangalore and they want to know about plum fruit price in Bangalore for trading. Selling plum price per kg and in carton bags.

Parsfaravar Co. is the biggest producer of aloo bukhara in the world. One of the biggest costumer’s countries is India and companies buy in bulk and golden dried aloo bukhara. Fresh and dried plum price in India are different. Because of warm weather in India its better to consume dried aloo bukhara instead of it’s fresh.

Dried plums of Parsfaravar Co. have sweat and sour flavors.

Plum Price In India

Dry Plum Wholesale In India With 5, 10 Kg Cardboard Cartons

You can choose your packing size and it kinds.

  • Rasmi plum,
  • Abbasi plum,
  • Torqabeh plum
  • Bukhara plum
  • Haj Hassani plum
  • Kobraei plum
  • Shams plum, etc

are some of the 35 types of plums available in Iran that are grown in cold and temperate regions of Iran in fresh harvesting time of fruits.

Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruit Group is an expert center of producing dried aloo bukhara plums.

Inquiry Of Plum Price In India

Plum Price In India

Dried plums known as Bukhara stewed plums are in greater demand in five countries:

  • India,
  • Bangladesh,
  • Pakistan,
  • Iran
  • and the United Arab Emirates

and in fact these countries are the main consumers of prunes in the world.

Every year, more than 100,000 tons of plums are harvested from farmer’s lands in different parts of Iran, of which more than 60% is used to produce stewed prunes.

This Is An Indian Wholesale Website

Plum Price In India

In this website you can have many of dried prunes in India have costumers and people fight for purchasing it !

After studding kinds of dried plums in this wholesale website; the sales and trade experts of Parsfaravar Company will be your responsible and consultant in buying prunes. The most important factor in Aloo Bukhara plum exports to India is the global plum trade in this country. The competitive advantages of Indian traders and the lack of sanctions against traders and companies in this country have made Iran a supplier to India. Iranian golden prunes are exported to many states of India.

Buy Fresh And Dried Plum Fruit Price In Chennai

Plum Price In India

You can have the best plum fruit in Chennai for wholesale. Get latest information of dried plums suppliers and sellers of Parsfaravar Co.

As you want to know aloo bukhara 1kg price in India is very low and its quality is poor. Unfortunately sellers of dried plums in India and specialy in Banglore and Chennai buy the lowest price of poor quality of dried plums. These have a poor quality in almost many cases. It’s a chance for you to buy better quality of Parsfaravar Co. of dried plums.

Today, all packaging conditions for exported prunes can be done in Iran. But competing with old brands of Indian nuts is still a big problem for many Iranian companies to gain global markets. You are a respected merchant that can have a new business for dried Aloo Bukhara, surely plum price in India is competitive for you.

Plum Price In India

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