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Dried plum for sale| Looking for dried prunes for sale

Plums taste better when they are fresh and just picked from trees. However, dried plums are also good. The fiber in this fruit which has always been noticed, is in its skin and if it is removed there will be no fiber at all. There are still great things in the fruit itself, though. In the old times plums used to get dry on the trees by sunshine. Nowadays, they are dried artificially to have a similar form.

Plums that are picked for drying are riper than those for compote purposes. Dried plum for sale and fresh plum are available in all markets.

There are two main kinds of plums which are Japanese plum and European plum or plum for drying. The first type of plums are mostly used as fresh fruit, compote, jam, jelly and other similar purposes. The second type is suitable for drying because there will no need to remove its core for drying.


Dried plum for sale| Looking for dried prunes for sale

Bulk Pitted Prunes for Sale

Bulk Pitted Prunes for SaleGood plums have characteristics that buyers should know. A suitable plum to buy is usually a little tough and it has a good color. Buyers should not buy plums that are too tough or too loose, or do not have good color and their skin is wrinkled. Plums are ready to eat when they have a good odor and are little loose when touching them. They should be kept in fridge to be fresh.

If you want to remove the cores from the fruit it is better to cut them in half and then twist them is opposite directions. In many times consumers want to remove the skin, too. They should boil the plums for thirty seconds and put them in cold water immediately. Plums are eaten in their fresh state and people add salt, too. However, the boiled ones can be used in different foods. plums are also made and used for jams, pickles, sauces, soups, etc. Bulk pitted prunes are bought and used in foods, too.

What are the benefits of eating prunes?

What are the benefits of eating prunes?The benefits of eating prunes are countless. The traditional medicines used this fruit in many ways. Eating plums will help the digestive system and will cure constipation. It is full of Vitamin C which human body needs to fight infections. Prunes and plums have antioxidants that are very helpful for hearts and blood vessels. This fruit has some anticancer functions in our bodies, too. It protects human body against the breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. The Vitamin A in this fruit is helpful with mouth related cancers.

Plums have potassium which controls blood pressure and heart beats. The fiber which is in its skin keeps body’s cholesterol in a low level. Plums work as detoxificator and helps with people who want to loose weight. Plums are also good for bones and keep them firm. It has magnesium which is good for muscle contraction and sending nerve pulses.  Fresh and dried fruit for sale should have a good quality to have these benefits.

where to buy fresh dried prunes

where to buy fresh dried prunesBuy prunes in bulk that are fresh dried is possible through different ways. Many people that live in producing countries go directly to farmers that dry their own plums and sell them to people. This is probably the cheapest price and the most fresh ones. These product is also available in local markets for sale. If the plums are imported, therefore, they may be less fresh. Plums are also dried artificially in some factories and then packed in a hygienic place. This product is available in small and big stores and have a higher price. The plums in packages are picked and chosen and have the highest quality. Buying plums for its great benefits happens a lot among people.

dried prunes for sale

for people they have a business this is question that how and where is fresh plums for sale near me ? some countries have many types of plums.

  • yellow plums
  • black plums
  • green plums
  • red plums

Dried plums called prune. buy prunes in bulk is a wholesale plums production process business. Our bulk plums, Parsfaravar Co. dried plums or prunes, are naturally sweet and semi-sour , fat free & high in nutrients. Wholesale orders of 200+ Kg are involved in discounts and buyers can purchase it and deliver on their countries ports FOB conditions.

dried prunes for sale

Wholesale raisins and prunes from Iran is like a pole of dried fruit in Asia. low costs and chosen quality costumers wanted are the best properties plus to kinds of packing you want make it a very kind-able productions. Iranian dried plums in all kinds are the first and last choice of costumers that wholesale is their trades in dried and fresh fruits.

Fresh plums like Golden Egg plums and Golden Drop plums and Shablon plums are kinds of plums that you can trade it in your country on every amounts. prune juice in India have many interested people. much more of dried Bukhara plums in world produced, directly or with middleman received in India and Pakistan , …

Organic dried prunes in kinds of black and Bukhara plums produced in Parsfaravar Co. have many costumers that want to trade in whole from Iran, Serbia and other countries that we offer you many of them from Iran.

Iranian dried prune every year have this potential to 10.000 tons constantly. you can send us your for amount of proposal purchasing and we response you on how many days can deliver your orders. best choice for organic prunes near me i say is Iran’s dried plums.

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